Singer-songwriter Jessi Adele released her first album under the name Lone Valkyrie in 2012. While preparing to record her second album, The Wake, in 2014 she was joined by multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Adam McBride-Smith and Paxton Scott. In early 2016 the trio began performing together and writing new material. Their combined experience playing with members of Langhorne Slim and the Avett Brothers, and as founding members of the bands Lone Madrone and Half Seas Over, meant that there would always be a touch of country in the music they made together. But the group quickly became interested in exploring new musical territory, as their more recent forays into soul and highlife music attest.

The group's name, the Starling Curve, was suggested by a friend and recent med school graduate. It refers to a law of anatomy which states (roughly) that what goes into the heart is equal to what comes out. It's a fitting manifesto for this group, whose songs touch on problems of the heart of all varieties. It also evokes the Northwest itself, which the Portland-based trio calls home, and whose endless highways and skyways are the backdrop to their musical outings.

Jessi Adele and the Starling Curve are currently hard at work on material for their upcoming album. They are looking forward to touring in the Spring of 2018.